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Official Church Teacher's Homepage

Interpreter Foudation with Scripture Roundtables on GD Lessons

Meridian Magazine, Come Follow Me lessons

Scripture Central CFM Lesson Material Index

FAIR CFM Lesson Material Index

BYU Studies CFM Lesson Material Index

Don't Miss This, CFM YouTube channel

Teaching with Power, CFM YouTube channel

Follow Him, CFM YouTube channel

Unshaken, CFM YouTube channel

Steve Scott, CFM Youtube channel

Scripture Gems, CFM YouTube CFM channel

Talking Scripture, CFM YouTube channel

Brother Miller's Notes, CFM YouTube channel

Living Scriptures' Line Upon Line, CFM YouTube channel

Stories of the Restoration, CFM YouTube channel

Come Follow Up, BYU TV CFM YouTube channel

Autumn Dickson, CFM YouTube channel

Start Here Study, CFM YouTube channel

The Scriptures are Real, CFM YouTube channel

Maria Eckersley, CFM YouTube channel

Legacy links:

Latter-day Saint Seminar

D. Lynn Johnson's Visual Scriptures

Steven C. Harper CFM lesson material

Talk of Him, CFM YouTube channel

Cwic Media, YouTube channel

29th Floor Sunday School CFM YouTube channel

Living Room Scripture Lessons Podcast

Gerald Smith's Gospel Doctrine lesson blog

FAIR's Apologetic GD Lesson Aids

Nathan Olsen's Gospel Doctrine Lesson Outlines

Wendy Austin's Gospel Doctrine Lesson Flyers

The Gospel Doctrine Forum, by Bill Beardall

Kevin Hinckley's Gospel Doctrine Lessons

Nancy Jensen's LDS Gospel Doctrine Plus Blog

Lenet Read's Gospel Doctrine lesson web site

Brad W. Constantine's Gospel Doctrine Lessons

Ben Spackman's Gospel Doctrine Blog

LDSLiving CFM Links

Monte Shelley's Gospel Doctrine Lesson and Handout Site

Other web sites of potential interest:

Mike Parker's Lesson Prep Site

LDS Church History Department site on historical context of D&C

Steve Mortensen's Doctrine and Covenants Revelation Sites

Understanding Mormonism

History of Mormonism

The Prophet Joseph Smith

Mormon Wiki