You can post your GD lessons on the internet!

If you have a set (i.e., more than just a random few) of well-written lessons you have authored for the LDS Sunday School Gospel Doctrine curriculum, why not post them on the internet?  About 2000 people per week come to this site to pick up GD lesson material for their classes (last survey indicated about 40% of them are Sunday School teachers, the rest are students).  Why not add your material to the resource pool?

The administrator of is willing to host your lesson material at no expense to you.  You will maintain all copyright privileges over your material.

All you have to do is send sample material to kurt dot neumiller at gmail dot com and he will review it and get back to you.  If it is well-written and non-controversial, Kurt will host it on for you, free of charge.  Questions?  E-mail Kurt and ask.

Some comments regarding submission of lessons to be hosted:

1) Consistent file format in HTML or PDF (I might be willing to convert WPD or DOC to PDF, but only for large collections of high-quality lesson material, definitely not for small numbers of scattered lessons).

2) Consistent file naming is required (e.g., gd1.html, gd2.html, gd3.html, etc), inconsistent file names (e.g., faith2004.html, repent3bySally.html, jan1997gdLesson.html, etc.) make updating HTML very tedious and time consuming.

3) Cite your sources, if you use other people's work then reference it.

4) Copyright statement, include one in your lessons, I will not add one for you.

5) Lessons need to be mostly new original material, lessons that are largely cut and paste jobs of other people's material will not be hosted.

6) No commercial advertisements, statements, links or anything of that nature can be incorporated into the lesson material.

7) Submissions will not be edited for format, typos, spelling, grammar, or content.  It is either accepted as is, or it isnt.